We develop social research projects to analyse the causes and consequences of unemployment in different sectors or groups. Based on our research, we design new measures, offering career guidance that is tailored to the needs and circumstances of each sector, each region, each group or each person.

We monitor and evaluate employment programmes and other social projects to improve their results and impact.

Researches and publications

“Employability and risk of social exclusion of unemployed people over 45″

“Job search patterns on the internet: diagnosis and challenges” report

Report on the results of the evaluation of the “Mujer Talento Visible 50+” programme

Report on the results of the “Orienta Digital” training programme

“The south and employment sectors and occupations” report

“Virtual groups as a tool for job search”

“Memorandum on employability and productivity in the construction sector”

“Long-term unemployment in Castile La Mancha, Extremadura and the Region of Murcia”

“Employment opportunities for vulnerable groups in the sustainable mobility sector in Spain”

“Employment opportunities for vulnerable groups in the reforestation/emission reduction sector in Spain”

“Diagnostic report of employment and entrepreneurship in the province of Avila”

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