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We design and manage employability improvement programmes to help people who are out of work find a new job.

We run a range of what we call launch pads, like the Lanzaderas Conecta Empleo; women-centred programmes; programmes to promote green employment; career labs; promote employability in rural areas; and initiatives aimed at promoting entrepreneurship.

Lanzaderas and Employability Programmes

Job orientation program that promotes job placement through the most innovative employability techniques, advice from specialized technical personnel and the latest trends in the current labor market.

It will open "Hubs" in Spain and the program expects to reach more than 100,000 people.
With innovative methods and outstanding results, our Lanzaderas de Empleo have become a benchmark in modern job guidance, with an average success rate of around 60%.
Click Empleo seeks to develop digital job search skills for people who are less proficient in the online environment.

Participants discover messaging and video-calling apps, digital planning tools and cloud storage, and how to manage administrative tasks online.

Jobs for Women

An employability improvement programme for women in situation of special vulnerability.

The initiative, which has a success rate of over 64%, is managed jointly with the Castile and Leon Regional Government and more than 1,600 women have participated since 2016.
Free career guidance program to improve the employability of women, especially after maternity and care. It takes place during 2023 in Asturias, Canary Islands, Galicia, Castilla-La Mancha, Community of Madrid and Extremadura.
Free career guidance program to improve the employability of women in the Community of Madrid, especially after maternity and care. It is developed in 2023, in several rounds, and in a totally online format.
The Mapa nacional de soluciones para el fin de las violencias contra las mujeres is a social research project that has made it possible to discover more than a hundred initiatives developed throughout the country over the past year with public funds to combat gender violence.

There are more than 130 projects for intervention, training, prevention, awareness raising, and research, the information of which will be available to any user through a search on an interactive map.

Youth Employment

A free online space that identifies in young people the relationship between unemployment or job insecurity and their social well-being, to sensitize them about the care of their mental health.

It is aimed at people between 16 and 35 years old, both unemployed and active, with precarious contracts. They participate in group sessions and are provided with practical resources. In addition, the member entities benefit from advantages for their users and staff.
It is a European initiative within the Erasmus+ 2021-2027 program that seeks to reduce the gap between the educational system and the current labour market in order to provide young people aged 12 to 18 with the necessary preparation in terms of employability skills and career guidance, involving public and private entities, educational centres and parents.

The project manages to bring together the different parties to analyse the reality of this group in terms of their professional future, to know the solutions available to break this gap and to establish a correct strategy to achieve their integration into the labour market.
Green Up Yourself promotes the entrepreneurial capacity and employability of young people living in rural environments in the European Union, through training in green and entrepreneurial skills, as well as through the promotion of green entrepreneurship.

This project involves 6 countries: Spain, Italy, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Cyprus and Greece.

Green Employment

Rural Employability Network is a space for cooperation and exchange that promotes the sharing of innovative initiatives from European social organisations in rural areas across Spain. It aims to develop synergies, raise awareness about social and employment issues and promote innovative measures for socio-economic development.
This initiative is jointly promoted with Fundación Repsol and involves organisations and companies from the social sphere. The Alianza para la Transición Energética Inclusiva seeks to respond to the major labour and social challenges resulting from the energy transition, contributing to an inclusive transformation.
We have experience in the ‘Repuebla en Verde’ programmes, GO GREEN territorial development plans, as well as in the mining basins of Castile and Leon and Soria and Empleaverde with sector-specific launch pads. More than 500 people have participated in these programmes, which have a 45% success rate.

Professional and Innovation LABS

We promote training and employment programmes where the launch pads methodology is supplemented with tailor-made training programmes in high-demand professional fields. Through BCLabs we promote job placement in employability niches, such as web programming.
Emple-Arte seeks to design, test and exchange job activation methodologies and work with the long-term unemployed through creative processes. Intervention through art is proving to be a useful tool for personal growth, empowerment and social change.


LÁNZATE, Create and promote your own company with social impact is a training program in social entrepreneurship that has the collaboration and financing of the Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda.

More than 800 people have already gone through this free initiative, including more than 350 young people who are looking to promote their first idea with a social impact.
Innorural is a training project aimed at educational centers and entities to sensitize young people about the professional options of social entrepreneurship and the tools that count to promote their ideas.

A free initiative for young people between the ages of 14 and 35, which seeks to encourage the development of rural areas of Castilla y León by promoting the entrepreneurial culture from social innovation through training talks.

Other projects

We promote Social Entrepreneurship Launch Pads for people who want to improve their entrepreneurial skills and are looking for a professional outlet in self-employment.

We provide advice and assistance in the design of training centres, as well as advice and training programmes for the acquisition of skills in sustainability, helping companies to make the transition to the Green Economy.

If you would like more information or would like to launch any of our initiatives, please contact us

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