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Training for professionals

We have expanded our training offer for professionals in the Third Sector. We offer new courses for professionals who are dedicated to career guidance, who want to innovate in their social intervention (especially with groups in situations of greater vulnerability), learn new methodologies and acquire new tools to improve the accompaniment with unemployed people.

Check our catalog of courses, adapted to different formats (face-to-face, online and mixed) with content manuals and dynamics templates to put into practice every day. If you have any questions or queries, write to us at formaciononline@santamarialareal.org.

"Agent in intervention with women in long-term unemployment"

Learn about the ‘Entrena Empleo’ methodology to change the focus of career guidance with women after maternity and care.

"Creative Agent for social intervention"

Learn creative techniques to innovate in intervention with unemployed people.

MOOC on Digital Competences and Tools for Employability Professionals

This online course is designed for career guidance professionals looking to strengthen their digital skills, learn about the main tools and applications to use in virtual sessions and learn innovative techniques in social interventions with unemployed people.

Course "Agent of Social Innovation for Employment"

We teach this online course with the aim of developing, enhancing and perfecting the skills of those professionals who want to focus their activity in the field of career guidance, support for entrepreneurs, human resources and people development or social consulting.

Course "Labor Guidance Agent in Digital"

We offer this online training with the aim of updating, enhancing and perfecting, from a practical vision, online intervention and skills in career guidance for the digital training of users, especially vulnerable groups.

Program "Management of Social Innovation Projects"

Designed for managers and technicians of Third Sector organisations who want to focus their future on social innovation. Participants will learn how to design social innovation programmes, launch and validate lean start-up projects and manage them with agile methodology, as well as aspects of financing, social marketing, impact measurement and management and how social innovation can respond to the SDGs.

Digital guidance for Third Sector organisations

The course deals with relevant issues such as career guidance in a highly digitalised world; the main resources for counselling people with a non-digital background; current digital tools that facilitate remote work, and the management of online documents and cybersecurity.

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